Monday, January 18, 2010

Restaurant Review: The Strip House

The Strip House is celebrating its 5 year anniversary during the months of January and February with a special promotion--5 courses for $55. Scott and I have never dined at the Strip House, so we decided to take advantage of this special. Due to the variety of the menu we decided to opt for wine by the glass so we could drink a compatible wine with each course. All of the courses were delicious and each better than the last. I would have like a few more minutes between each course, but I am a very slow eater, so maybe that's just me.

Wine: House Champagne
I opted for champagne for two reasons: 1. I became an aunt that week and wanted to celebrate and 2. I thought it would go well with the lobster bisque.

I LOBSTER BISQUE CAPPUCCINO, chopped lobster and chives
The bisque was the perfect amount and consistency, it didn't fill me up too quickly.

Wine: Flora Springs Chardonnay
Chardonnay is often paired with Scallops so I wanted them to taste their best.

This was a delicious salad and a good twist on a caprese salad. It was also garnished with finely sliced red onion.

III SEARED SEA SCALLOP, edamame succotash, black truffle butter, corn broth
The scallop is one of the best I've ever eaten at a restaurant. Great flavor and meaty texture.

Wine: 75 Wine Co Cabernet
Cabernet and steak are two peas in a pod.

IV 6OZ. FILET MIGNON, black truffle creamed spinach, goose fat potatoes
The filet as cooked to perfection. The black truffle creamed spinach was amazing, I could not get enough of this. The goose fat potatoes were delicious with interesting presentation and flavor. They were like a fried mashed potato ball, bu the consistency and level of saltiness were a hybrid between a french fry and a hash brown.

V STRIP HOUSE PROFITEROLE, chocolate malt & espresso ice cream, hot fudge sauce
I think the best part was the hot fudge sauce! Yummy!